With a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and too many theater classes to remember, Stacy began her career as a reporter and co-anchor for an AM radio station in Ohio, while also staying involved with community theater.  Always on the look out for something new, a career change to the world of hospitality took her in a different, but equally compelling direction.  Her time with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company laid the foundation of her training in exceptional customer service, attention to detail and an outstanding work ethic.  

Years later, her passion for the theater was reignited after establishing a Drama Club for elementary school students, along with directing several school productions. Stacy says, "Their excitement and energy as they learn about the theater and acting is exhilarating. To hear even one of them say, 'I love this!  I want to be an actor!', is the huge pay off at the end of the show."  She continued her journey back into the world of voice over and theater through additional training in acting and voice over classes.  Stacy says, "This is where my true passion lies and I believe that is reflected in the tone and character of my voice.  I am ready to bring your work to life."  

Stacy resides outside of Houston, Texas with her husband and two daughters.  She still works with elementary school students, teaching them about acting and instilling a love and respect for the theater.